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Hi there! 

I’m Kitty, I’m a professional photographer and I love catching emotions. Whether it’s in a personal portrait shoot or photographing an artist on a big stage, I am always looking for that intimate moment… and by capturing it, revealing little bits of character.   

These past few years I've been shooting concerts for serveral online media. Metal music mostly, but country is also very close to my heart and I've had the chance to capture a few big shows with symphonic orchestras as well. Lately I've also been focusing on events and real estate photography. 

I am expanding my portfolio every day. I keep learning and am continually challenging myself with new projects.  weddings, (corporate) events, magazines … a large variety of styles and atmospheres that stimulate me and inspire me to evolve and grow further.






Guitarist at My Propane, former guitarist at VUUR

"Whenever Kitty is shooting a concert I just know that she will put beautiful pictures of us online. She delivers high quality and  is  a true athmosphere catcher ."


"Shooting with Kitty is a treat. My shoot with her was my first one . I was kinda scared that I would be uncomfortable in front of the lens, but when we were sharing ideas, that feeling was gone immediately. She made me feel at ease, knew exactly what I wanted and she was really clear about what she had in mind to do as well. During the shoot I was free to try my own poses and she was able to teach me a lot. We had a good laugh and that made it a great experience! You  have a professional in front of you, she’s fun and she puts out a very nice result. Doubts? Check the results! "


Visual Artist - Photographer - Costume Designer at 

Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst

"Through her doll photography Kitty shows a remarkable talent for bringing still objects to life. She proves to be a master in visual storytelling capable of turning static objects into lively movie star characters with flair and personality. But that’s not all! In her doll photography Kitty also proves to be a gifted stylist and art director since she designs and styles each doll character and setting herself. Each doll photo from Kitty is a fairy-tale on its own!"


Symphonic metal band

It was a delight to work with Kitty. From the get-go we were blown away by her passion and sincere interest in our project despite us being a rather unknown band . Regardless  of her impressive work with countless huge names in the industry she was humble, warm and she made us feel like stars for a day



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